Chevrolet has built some of the best used cars for sale in Phoenix, and the team at AAA Car Buying has one of the best ways of shopping for them: With our unique approach, you can get a great deal on a pre-owned Chevrolet without ever visiting a dealership. Now, you’re more than welcome to visit our Phoenix showroom if you’d like, but you can also stop in at a nearby AAA branch office, check us out online, or arrange for one of our consultants to come to you. You’ll enjoy fair pricing, smart financing options, and exceptional customer service wherever we meet!


Well, for one thing, you’ll save some serious cash with most of the used cars for sale in Phoenix. And it’s not necessarily because pre-owned cars are in poor condition. Depreciation reduces the value of nearly all cars over time, even when they’re properly maintained and serviced. (The current concept of depreciation was developed by corporate accountants and tax experts, not automobile owners.) This can really add up, too, since depreciation on the typical new car can easily top 20% in the first year alone. After five years, a brand-new car can lose 60% of its value or more to depreciation — yet it could still have many years of good driving left. You’ll often pay less for insurance policies as well with a used Chevrolet, extending your savings further. AAA Car Buying then builds on those benefits by supplying high-quality pre-owned vehicles that our experienced staff of automotive experts has carefully selected. They know you don’t want to buy other people’s problems, so they look for vehicles that don’t have any! Of course, getting a used-vehicle history report is a breeze so that you can boost your confidence with key information about a used car’s past life.

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Chevrolet may be a mainstream brand, but it offers one of the widest ranges of premium features you’ll find among the used cars for sale in Phoenix. High-tech safety features? Check. Sophisticated infotainment systems? Check. Luxurious creature comforts? Checkmate! The result is a winning combination of first-class amenities that can make any ride feel special. (Please note that exact features can vary by model and year.)

  • Your digital world is at your command with WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, wireless charging, and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality that works without wires for extra convenience.
  • For added safety, Chevrolet’s advanced driver-assistance systems are highlighted by automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, a camera-based digital rearview mirror, and more.
  • Even towing can get a technological makeover, thanks to Chevrolet’s advanced trailering systems that come backed by multiple cameras and hitch guidance.
  • The Bowtie brand’s head-up displays, digital instrument panels, and large touchscreens let you visualize important vehicle information at a glance.
  • Pre-owned Chevrolets can put a priority on fantastic family travel with kid-friendly rear-seat media systems that come complete with dual 12.6-inch dropdown displays.
  • When you’re looking for luxury, Chevrolet can treat you to leather heated/ventilated seats, leather heated power-adjustable steering wheels, hands-free liftgates, signature LED lighting, panoramic sunroofs, and high-fidelity Bose audio systems.
  • Show your concern for the environment by shopping for used Chevrolets with the brand’s all-electric, plug-in, or hybrid technology, and feel good about going green.


Chevrolet has one of the industry’s largest lineups of vehicles, with more than 20 models available among the used cars for sale in Phoenix. Naturally, AAA Car Buying puts its main focus on the ones that Phoenix drivers most prefer, and we strive to meet your needs with vehicles for many different budgets and lifestyles. We’re also experts when it comes to tracking down a specific Chevrolet car, truck or SUV if you don’t see what you want on our lot. These are just a few of the Chevrolets we have access to:

  • Living up to their rock-solid reputations, the Chevrolet Silverado and Silverado HD trucks are work-friendly machines that can also make satisfying daily drivers with the kind of comfort and convenience you expect in the 21st century.
  • The Chevrolet Colorado keeps you at the head of the midsize class with strength, style, and standout equipment that truck lovers demand.
  • Riding on their own truck-style frames, the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban combine old-school SUV capability with fully modern technologies, massive amounts of cargo space, and premium accommodations for people, too.
  • The Chevrolet Trax, Equinox, Blazer, Trailblazer, and Traverse are also among the brand’s best-loved SUVs. All can satisfy customers with compelling design inside and out.
  • Enthusiasts can choose from the Chevrolet Camaro muscle car and Chevrolet Corvette supercar, both ready for the track or the town with dramatic designs, mighty engines, and open-air options that will bring a smile to your face.
  • Among the top used EVs for sale in Phoenix, the Chevrolet Bolt can go nearly 259 miles on a single charge of electricity for impressive practicality.
  • The Chevrolet Volt blends the best of both worlds as a plug-in model with a substantial EV driving range and the ability to run in gas-hybrid mode after that.
  • We know not everyone wants a truck or SUV, so be on the lookout for sedans and hatchbacks like the Chevrolet Spark, Sonic, Malibu, and Impala.
  • The Chevrolet Savana van is a full-size, body-on-frame workhorse that can be configured to move people or cargo with equal skill.


    When William C. Durant — founder of General Motors — was ousted from “his” company as part of a corporate restructuring in 1910, he didn’t take the dismissal sitting down. Instead, he invested in a competing automaker founded by a Swiss-American racer named Louis Chevrolet and was back in the industry by 1911. Durant took on a leadership role with the Chevrolet auto company, and it became so successful that Durant was able to use its assets to buy his way back into GM in 1918 — taking Chevrolet’s automaking operations with him. Durant didn’t last long at his second go-round with GM, and his successor, Alfred Sloan, transformed the Chevrolet brand into the high-volume GM division it remains today. It was a family-first focus that even saw Chevrolet introduce what’s generally considered the first SUV, the 1935 Suburban Carryall that set the stage for some of today’s most popular family vehicles. A long list of automotive icons followed, ranging from current models like the Corvette and Camaro to older classics such as the Chevrolet Bel Air, Monte Carlo, El Camino, and Corvair. Today’s Chevrolet is recognized around the world for its award-winning vehicles.

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