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Jeep has one of the best, most rugged SUV lineups out there and is defined by a dedication to capability. And AAA Car Buying presents a unique way of getting into your next pre-owned Jeep — or just about any of the used cars for sale in Phoenix — by offering a stress-free shopping experience you can enjoy without ever walking through a dealership’s doors. You’re more than welcome at our Phoenix showroom, of course, plus you have the convenient options of visiting an AAA branch office, checking out our inventory online, or having one of our consultants come to you at home or work. Our goal is to get the deal done regardless of where you are!


Jeeps are in very high demand, which can keep new prices quite high as well. But you can avoid that new price tag by purchasing a pre-owned Jeep from AAA Car Buying and saving thousands of dollars in the process. That’s because depreciation pushes down the value — and prices — of pre-owned Jeeps over time, and not necessarily due to their poor condition addition, lower insurance rates on used Jeeps will also appeal to budget-conscious shoppers. Of course, these advantages can be found on most of the used cars for sale in Phoenix.

At AAA Car Buying, we go even further by providing one of the easiest ways to purchase or lease new and used vehicles. You can shop with confidence, too, knowing that AAA Car Buying hand selects all used Jeeps on our lot to ensure they’re ready to roll. Additionally, securing a used vehicle history report these days is a breeze so that you can gain extra peace of mind about your pre-owned Jeep’s past.

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Some of the world’s toughest terrain is in Arizona, and our pre-owned Jeeps are well equipped to tackle just about any challenge. But these vehicles aren’t just rugged. Like many other used cars for sale in Phoenix, Jeeps also come equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, impressive mobile connectivity capabilities, and luxurious interiors. Use the below list as an introduction to Jeep equipment and technologies, but just remember that exact features can vary by model and year.

  • Pre-owned Jeeps can provide state-of-the-art safety features including, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot monitoring, and forward-facing camera systems designed to help you avoid and manage tricky driving situations on the road or off.
  • To access vehicle information as easily as possible, pre-owned Jeeps offer head-up displays and large Uconnect touchscreens that support dedicated Off-road Pages.
  • Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, WiFi compatibility, and wireless charging are all common features on used Jeeps for sale in Phoenix.
  • Ride off-road in style with Jeep vehicles that provide luxuries like rich leather upholstery, heated/ventilated seating, Harman Kardon audio, genuine open-pore wood trim, and more.
  • One of the key benefits for many jeeps is open-air driving, with possibilities ranging from panoramic sunroofs and, with some models, to completely removable roofs and doors.
  • Beyond incredible features for off-road excellence, a select group of used Jeeps boasts track-friendly upgrades for dominating on the pavement, too.


Arizona is a popular area for Jeep lovers, and AAA Car Buying naturally aims to stock the models most Phoenix drivers prefer, all while striving to meet a wide change of budgets and lifestyles. These choices below are just a few of the Jeep models you can look for on our lot in Phoenix, and if we don’t have the one you want, let us know. Our team will use its skills to scour the area for a used Jeep you’ll be proud to own.

  • The Jeep Renegade starts the lineup with innovative technology, superior design, and an affordable price tag.
  • Next up are compact two-row Jeeps like the Compass and Cherokee that can please any Jeep fan with their comfortable capability.
  • The iconic Jeep Wrangler will serve just about any of your off-road needs, complete with an appetite for adventure, modern tech, and, in newer editions, HEMI or plug-in hybrid power.
  • The well-known and well-loved Jeep Grand Cherokee offers two- and three-row models for a luxurious SUV experience, and its amazing Trackhawk model gets to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Opt for the Trailhawk and take all that comfort along for the ride even when you leave the pavement far behind.
  • The Jeep Gladiator is the terrific truck of the Jeep lineup, offering the impressive off-road capabilities you expect from the brand along with an open bed for further cargo flexibility.
  • Choose from an extensive list of limited-edition Jeeps for an exclusive machine and a wide range of special graphics and design upgrades.


The original Jeep can trace its origins back to a competition between different automakers looking to provide the U.S. military with a hard-working vehicle to be used in World War II. Indeed, the Jeep was in such high demand by the armed forces that, during the war, Ford and other companies also built “Jeeps” using the winning design from Willys-Overland.

The vehicle’s popularity soared after the war, so the Willys company turned to providing them for civilians. In 1950, the name Jeep was patented, and the brand was well on its way to establishing the quality, rugged reputation it has today. As time went on, though, many Jeep customers were in the market for a more comfortable model. As a result, the brand launched its first unibody SUV, the 1984 Jeep XJ/Cherokee. And the brand recommitted to luxury on luxury with the debut of the 1992 Jeep Grand Cherokee. These days, the Jeep lineup mixes masterful capability with modern advantages that SUV fans really love.

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