Hyundai has grown into a major U.S. auto brand over the years, and a single glance at the brand’s pre-owned vehicles will tell you why: This is a stylish lineup that’s engineered to more than hold its own against other mainstream models. The success story is well-known to the consultants at AAA Car Buying, who can provide all the details plus a low-pressure, hassle-free shopping experience where you never even have to set foot in our dealership. Contact us today for transparent pricing, superior customer service, and smart financing options.


Today’s newest Hyundai models are undoubtedly impressive machines that can show off amazing technologies and rewarding performance. Yet the same is true of the brand’s pre-owned models, which add the bonus of lower pricing due to depreciation. It’s an unavoidable fact in the auto business that nearly all brand-new vehicles lose about 20% to 30% of their value just by being driven for a year. After five years, the typical new vehicles will have lost roughly 60% of their value. The bottom line: What may be a nightmare for a new-car owner can be a dream come true for used-car shoppers looking to save money. And that’s especially true when you also take insurance costs into account. Remember, insurers usually based coverage prices on vehicle value, so when you pay less for a used car, you typically pay less for insurance, too. Another good reason to go with a used Hyundai is that you can do so with a foundation of confidence built on both used-car history reports and the AAA Car Buying team’s expertise. It’s a 1-2 punch that can deliver a knockout deal on your next pre-owned vehicle.

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One key to Hyundai’s recent popularity is the brand’s dedication to driving technologies. As more and more customers have demanded high-tech safety and infotainment features in past years, Hyundai has responded — and used-car shoppers can reap the benefits as well. (Note: Exact features vary by model.)

  • Often bundled under the Drive Wise name, Hyundai’s driver-assistance measures include adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring, and a system that can warn you not to open the vehicle’s doors into approaching traffic.
  • Hands-on semi-autonomous driving is available through Hyundai’s Highway Driving Assist.
  • Hyundai helps you connect without wires using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and that’s in addition to traditional Bluetooth, WiFi, compatibility, and wireless charging.
  • Rely on the Hyundai Digital Key app to handle certain vehicle functions, like remote start, by using your smartphone.
  • Harman Kardon audio and rear-seat entertainment systems can transform any ride into an event.
  • Easily view vital vehicle information at a glance with large touchscreens, digital instrument panels, and head-up displays.
  • Hybrid and high-performance technologies can enhance the Hyundai driving experience to meet your specific preferences.


You can relax knowing that the AAA Car Buying team strives to ensure a competitive deal for every client, complete with easy financing and quick approvals. We also have the knowledge necessary to steer you toward the used Hyundai that best fits your lifestyle and budget. Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • The brand’s bold family of SUVs includes the Venue, Tucson, Santa Fe, and three-row Palisade, all highlighted by rugged style, smart capability, and innovative technologies.
  • If you put your focus on efficiency, you can look at the Hyundai Kona and Ioniq lines that are highlighted by hybrid, plug-in, and EV models. Leading the way: the Kona Electric with a driving range of nearly 258 miles on a single charge.
  • Hyundai well-regarded sedans and hatchbacks, like the Accent, Elantra, Sonata, and the unmistakable Veloster, are top-notch choices for car lovers of all stripes.


Growing out of the Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Hyundai’s auto business began with the release of its first car, built in a partnership with Ford, in 1967. Hyundai went solo in 1975 with the Pony, and that vehicle evolved into the brand’s first U.S. offering, the 1986 Hyundai Pony Excel. An immediate success, the Pony Excel saw almost 169,000 sales that year. Hyundai manufacturing came to the United States in the early 2000s, when the company began building cars in Alabama. Today, Hyundai is a multi-time winner of the North American Car & Truck of the Year Award and has firmly established itself in the country’s automotive marketplace.

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