If you’re looking for a pre-owned Honda, well, you’re not alone. This is a popular brand that attracts all kinds of drivers to its award-winning family of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. But you’re also not alone in another way: You can put AAA Car Buying on your side and take advantage of our commitment to getting you the best deal on a used Honda with the least amount of hassle. In fact, we can even arrange the whole process so it can be done without you ever having to set a foot in our dealership.


Even though Honda vehicles are known for holding their value, they can’t hold off the effects of time entirely. Like almost any vehicle, a new Honda is likely to see significant depreciation even after only one year on duty. The losses add up, too, so that the typical new car is expected to lose some 60% of its value after five years on the road. Which is actually great news if you want to buy a used model instead. After all, what’s depreciation on a new car is like a discount on a pre-owned one. The lower value of a used Honda means it should cost less to insure than a new one as well, for additional savings over time. To save with confidence, you can count on both a used-car history report for key info about pre-owned Hondas, plus the AAA Car Buying team, which is dedicated to treating you with the respect and integrity you deserve.

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Honda has been at the forefront of automotive technology for years, which means even pre-owned models can bring sophisticated digital convenience to every drive. Advanced driver-assistance systems, high-end infotainment, and smart powertrain advantages are all on full display despite these being slightly older vehicles. (Note: Exact features vary by model and year.)

  • Honda’s Sensing technology can safeguard your every move with adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, traffic-sign recognition, lane-keeping assistance, and more.
  • A blind-spot monitor and a head-up display are also available for additional peace of mind.
  • For connecting, you can count on Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, WiFi compatibility, wireless charging, and generously-sized touchscreens.
  • Families on the go will get a lot out of kid-friendly rear-seat entertainment systems plus an in-cabin video monitor so you can keep an eye on whoever’s in the rear rows and a Honda vacuum system for easy clean-ups.
  • High-efficiency high-tech powertrains, including dual-motor hybrid setups, are your ticket to life in the green lane.


The hardest part about putting a pre-owned Honda in your driveway may be picking one out. There are just that many strong choices available. Some of the most popular models are listed below, but keep in mind that our AAA Car Buying consultants are eager to help you find the right Honda even if it’s not currently on our lot.

  • The Honda HR-V, CR-V, Passport, and Pilot are fun, functional, and athletically stylish, with nearly everything you need for modern adventures — including an available hybrid powertrain for the CR-V.
  • A truck like no other, the Honda Ridgeline serves up robust capability and unexpected equipment such as a lockable in-bed trunk and a speaker system built in the bed walls for better tailgating.
  • As a great small-SUV alternative, the Honda Fit features a surprisingly versatile cabin with extensive cargo space.
  • The Honda Civic is in the compact class and punches above its weight with coupe, hatchback, and sedan body styles, along with high-performance Si and Type R models.
  • Offered in coupe or sedan configurations, our Honda Accord is a midsize marvel of engineering, bold design, and technology.
  • The Honda Odyssey continues as one of the most popular minivans in the country thanks to its roomy cabin and incredible versatility.
  • Honda’s electrified vehicles include the Insight dedicated hybrid and the Clarity family that boasts hybrid, EV, and fuel-cell powertrains.


Still a popular brand for drivers who prefer two wheels instead of four, Honda began its life building motorcycles in 1948. It wasn’t until 1963 that the company got into the car business, and it took another decade for Honda to really gain traction for its automobiles. That happened with the debut of the 1972 Honda Civic that became a worldwide sensation.

Honda followed-up the Civic with the Accord in 1976, and that only solidified the brand’s position as a car maker. Consider: Honda has sold more than 12.5 million Accords in the United States alone since the name-plate’s debut. The company’s first U.S. car plant opened in 1976, and Honda remains a strong presence for both sales and manufacturing in the United States today.

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